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Stephanie Lee is a music teacher who owns a successful music career in Singapore. She is a piano teacher , violin teacher as well as vocal teacher with a multi-instrument background.
Stephanie started her piano journey at a very young age, since then she has been developing deep interest and never looked back. She has many years of experience in the teaching field. Not only did she had a passion for piano , she took up the violin and vocal pedagogy as well.

She is very experienced with teaching students using her own teaching methods from as young as 3 years old to adults. Great and experienced with children and helping them build interest and ace their exams if they are taking any.
Regular concerts held for students .

She is very patient and friendly and is great with children .  She creates fun games ,activities and stories  for all her young students , creating a happy and interesting lesson for them. Stephanie also creates her own teaching tools to help students as well as provide them solutions to their problems faced. Her oldest student is 71 and she believes there is no age limit for music as long as you have the will to learn.

As a full-time music teacher, She  prepares students for the well-known ABRSM/TRINITY exams and helps them score in their exams. Available lessons include Grade 1-Grade 8 Practical and theory . Her  student’s scores are mainly merits and distinctionsRegular Concerts will be arranged for students  , giving them a chance to perform and gain exposure as well as review their preparation for the exams.

Other than teaching classical music and preparing students for exams, she also teaches POP PIANO favourites like :

Shape of you

Cheap Thrills




TONGHUA(fairy tale by Guang Liang )

love me like you do

All of Me

Marriage de Amour (Richard Clayderman)

Ballade pour Adeline (Richard Clayderman)

Reflections (theme from Disney’s MULAN)

You’ll be in my heart (theme from Disney’s TARZAN)

Jay chou /S.H.E,JJ LIN, F.I.R… Chinese pop favourites

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, thai.. any song is possible !

Popular Disney favourites and much more.

Students can show her a song that they wish to learn and stephanie will also source for learning materials as students progress along . Students with lesser piano background experience will also be taught the important and useful techniques that will suite their needs and help them overcome their difficulties when playing the songs .

Stephanie will assess and teach the student according to their level and standard.

Important chords and how to apply the things learnt during lesson into the song they will be playing will be taught.

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She is a patient and friendly teacher  , most importantly encouraging.

“Believing that everyone should enjoy playing the piano, she works to ensure that her students have a fun , pleasant and memorable experience with her. – Stephanie Lee